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Presenting at SUGDC annual users conference

I am speaking at the SUGDC annual users conference on June 27th. It should be a good event with a lot of good speakers!

My presentation isn’t on my usual development topics. I am switching it up this time and presenting on the administrative/setup track. My topic is on using Site Collections vs Sites in SharePoint. Yes, I know it doesn’t sound interesting, but I promise I will try to keep everyone interested. I do feel it is one of the most important topics to understand in SharePoint. Almost all the issues I see when I go into my clients stem from an incorrect topology and permission setup. We will cover these situations with a fictitious company walk-through to see how they messed up, what they can do to correct their mistakes and what considerations they need to make.

Below is more information on the conference as a whole:

The SharePoint Users Group of Washington D.C.’s  (SUGDC) Third Annual Regional SharePoint Users Conference is taking place at the Holiday Inn Dulles June 26-27.  With over 40 speakers (including keynoter Bob Mixon), 15 SharePoint software, consulting and resource exhibitors, and four thematic tracks appealing to experts and non-experts alike, this year’s conference is shaping up to be an exciting event!  Anyone interested can check out the conference agenda, and pre-register at the extended early bird rate of $299.

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  1. Micheal Hunt
    June 30, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    Greg, great presentation. I had one question about the layout that you presented. My company made most of the mistakes that you talked about originally when they set up SharePoint. Mostly because the person who set it up, had no SharePoint experience at all. Since then, several members of our IT staff, myself included, have gone through a lot of SharePoint training. We were planning to use separate web applications for each directorate (Finance, HR, etc..). That gives us not only separate security, but separate resource management. My question is, what are the down sides to this as opposed to using one web application with different site collections?

    • Greg Galipeau
      July 1, 2009 at 1:10 am

      Hey Michael, It might be a little overkill to setup seperate web applications for these things. You don’t gain much. But, you lose some maintainability. There will be a lot of considerations you will need to take into account on how to setup each web application. Of course, you could just make sure you keep documentation and consistency when you set them up. You will also lose some of the URL consistency because each web application sets up a seperate virtual directory. And, because of the seperate virtual directory, you will lose any config changes you need to make (for example, if you wanted to setup AJAX, you would need to do it on each web application). Anyways, there is a lot more to think about with that approach, so it isn’t usually used. There is a lot less considerations with multiple site collections and you still gain most things. Most of the time, seperate web applications are used for seperate concepts. For example: your Intranet can be one web application and you extranet can be another. Hope that helps, Greg

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